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Can I use vector files from this website for free?

Whether you are allowed to use a vector in your personal or commercial projects for free depends on the license set by the authors. Please refer to README.txt, LICENSE.txt or similar documents inside the .zip archive for details. If license information is not available, then please check author’s website for more information.

How does the search work?

It works like all search engines. You enter a key phrase to describe what vectors you are looking for and it will show you results.

Why do I see a “No vector or photo or psd or icon found” message?

Although we have a large collection of vectors, it’s still limited as many designers tend to release their vector art as stock vectors rather than freebies. Sorry, but nothing matched your search terms. Please try again with some different keywords. That means some spelling mistake is there.

What is tagging means?

Tags are descriptive words associated with each vector files. Our search system matches tags with your key phrase to locate the vectors you want. So with more accurate and complete tags, search will be more accurate and efficient.

What’s the maximum number of vectors, photos, icons or psd can I download?

Currently, it’s not limited at all.

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